Ethics and Commitment


For FEMSA, acting in an ethical manner in all areas is a moral commitment, as well as an essential element of trust for the sustainable development of the business.


In all company levels, we adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and corporate governance. On a personal level, our vision is that the men and women who make up our companies are people that act with integrity and that treat other people with the respect and dignity they deserve.


Following the guidelines from Cuauhtémoc’s Ideology established in 1970, since 2000 FEMSA’s Code of Ethics defines the principles that frame and guide our daily activities, and it establishes the basic criteria that regulates the ethical behavior of our operations and collaborators. It also establishes and defines FEMSA’s commitments to the environment, human rights, compliance with regulations, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, conflict of interest, and the relationship with third parties, to name a few.


In order to ensure and monitor compliance with our Code of Ethics, we have an ethical compliance system that makes it possible for any group or employee to report any violation or suspicion of breach of our Code and its principles. This system includes a toll-free telephone line, an internet website available in several languages, and an email address. In order to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure confidentiality in the handling of information, the communication channels are anonymous and managed by an independent company.


This system is under the supervision of the Board of Directors’ Audit Committee.

Contact channels of the ethical compliance system



Since our foundation in 1890, we seek the simultaneous creation of economic and social value that ensures the sustainability of the business and contributes to the positive transformation of our communities.


For FEMSA, sustainability is the ability to create the social, environmental and economic conditions necessary to operate in the present and to continue growing in harmony with the environment and society. We carry out our actions under a commitment to our ethics and values, focusing on those issues in which we can create the greatest impact on the three core components of our sustainability strategy: Our People, Our Planet and Our Community.


We have full respect for international human rights principles and for national and international labor standards. Our vision is aligned with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Global Compact, both promoted by the United Nations.


We believe that our most important asset is our workforce, who with their work and effort contribute to the results of our business. Our commitment is to them, and therefore we work to offer programs and tools that allow them to develop fully.


To support the protection and conservation of natural resources and to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, we have established goals and programs to reduce waste and polluting emissions to the atmosphere, as well as our water and energy consumption.


Our commitment is to contribute to the creation of sustainable communities, which is why we seek to sustain the highest standards of corporate social responsibility in our business units, and to become a good neighbor and corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate.


FEMSA aims to become an agent of change, an important ally towards achieving sustainable development goals, and a leader in the advancement of the 2030 Global Agenda. We are innovating to help build a society that offers greater opportunities for all without affecting the planet’s natural resources.