Our Ethics and Values



At FEMSA, we firmly believe that our world requires organizations and individuals committed to society, which is why we promote the construction of a Culture of Legality by respecting the regulations in all the countries where we are present, operating honestly, and having zero tolerance towards corruption, since it is only then that can we live our company’s mission.


To strengthen this aspect of our company, we have evolved the Code of Ethics concepts and expressly developed FEMSA’s Anti-Corruption Policy, which entered into force in 2017 and applies to the entire organization.

Introducción Ética
Nuestra ética introducción

We seek to be consistent with what we say and what we do. We are convinced that an ethical attitude determines the way in which we carry out our business activity, which is why we have different resources that guide us towards ethical behavior.

Since 2005 we adhere to the United Nations Global Compact, through which FEMSA and all its Business Units commit to complying with and promoting its 10 principles related to human rights, labor practices, the environment and the fight against corruption.


Also, since 2013 we are part of Hagámoslo Bien (Let’s Do It Right), a citizen movement created in Monterrey, Mexico, through which companies, schools, universities, civil society organizations, the media and government institutions who are convinced of wanting to form a society that functions under the principles of a Culture of Legality, like the one we promote in FEMSA, participate. Additionally, our Business Units have different training and awareness actions on the subject aimed at collaborators.

Code of Ethics

The different environments of the countries where we operate, challenge us to live in accordance with our Code of Business Ethics. To keep it in force, we review it annually, ensuring that it establishes the behaviors that all of us who are part of the company must follow both inside and outside, taking respect, honesty and integrity as the foundation for our actions.


This document regulates FEMSA’s relationship with its customers, collaborators, competitors, suppliers, authorities, community and the environment; the way in which the Business Units’ advertising and marketing strategies must be handled; the position of zero-tolerance for corruption; the promotion of work safety and health; and the management of information and conflicts of interest.


One of our mechanisms to ensure compliance with FEMSA’s Code of Business Ethics is our Complaint System, through which notifications are received regarding illegal practices, inappropriate behaviors or violations of the Code of Ethics detected in our operations. Possible risk situations of any kind, acts of corruption, and violation of privacy or human rights are also identified.

This system, which is managed by a third party, is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, both for employees and for our stakeholders, in four different, confidential and anonymous ways: telephone, website, email and chat.


We will continue to work so that all of us who are part of FEMSA are clear on our culture and commitment to act in an ethical manner, to strengthen practices related to our ethics and values. We will also continue to strengthen our mechanisms for the dissemination and promotion of our values, as well as our Complaint System, among our collaborators and stakeholders in the places where we operate.

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Corporate Governance

Since our foundation in 1890, operating under reliable and transparent processes has allowed us to grow, position ourselves and evolve as a successful company. This strength reflects our Corporate Governance’s good practices, which are always focused on guaranteeing the creation of value for all our stakeholders.


Corporate Governance is the set of rules, procedures and norms that govern FEMSA. The highest governance body is the Board of Directors, which operates from Mexico. They are the ones who approve the appointment of FEMSA’s CEO. The Board of Directors is also responsible for regulating the organization through FEMSA’s Code of Ethics, since it is responsible for its full compliance, as well as for monitoring the good administration of the company through the three committees that make it up: the Audit Comittee, Corporate Practices Committee and Planning and Finance Committee.

Gobierno Corporativo
Gobierno Corporativo

Our corporate practices are subject to the laws of the countries where we operate, as well as the corporate governance standards set forth by the Mexican Securities Market Law, the Sarbanes-Oxley Law and the United States stock exchange laws for foreign issuers. We also stick to national and international principles of corporate and ethical governance.


Complying with the laws and regulations of all the places where we do business, is part of the commitment that we all have in FEMSA, to achieve our goal of creating economic and social value.