Our Community


Since our foundation in 1890, we made the decision to be a responsible business citizen. Our contributions have had a significant impact on the health, education, cultural life, sports promotion and integral development of our collaborators, their families and the communities where we operate.


We aspire to have a positive influence on our society through a growing range of programs and alliances, by expanding our efforts and by creating solutions to help people, no matter where they live.


The focus of the Our Community axis is to seek joint ways to strengthen and support the development of the communities around us. We develop social innovation by addressing the problems that distress citizens, so we can build societies that offer opportunities for more people, thus contributing to the creation of sustainable communities.

Sustainable Supply

As an organization, we understand that we are part of a great system. Our supply chain is made up of a group of companies that offer the products and services that are an essential part of the solutions we provide to our consumers.


At FEMSA we are aware that developing a sustainable supply chain means extending sustainability to small and medium companies, thus attaining a significant impact on the promotion of human rights, fair labor practices, care for the environment and anti-corruption policies.


By promoting good business practices in the different regions where we have a presence, we have enormous potential to contribute to creating thriving and inclusive markets as well as advancing on sustainable development.


We seek to contribute to the improvement of our suppliers’ work, social and environmental performance, by supporting those who are seeking to do business in a responsible manner and who wish to develop sustainable practices.

Our vision also focuses on promoting business relationships with local suppliers. In FEMSA Comercio’s Proximity Division we are striving for the development of our own-brand products suppliers, with the purpose of strengthening their processes, capacities, their supply chain and the creation of value in their community.


We have established the ‘Guiding Principles for Suppliers’ Code of Conduct, which defines our minimum expectations for our suppliers in terms of sustainability management. With this, we seek to ensure that our operations, as well as those of our suppliers, are based on responsible policies, principles and business practices. The approach to achieve this goal is based on the balance between economic growth and the commitment to high standards of ethics and values, the integral development of collaborators, the protection and improvement of the environment and the development of communities and suppliers.

Community Development

We are in favor of the development of safer societies that have better conditions for all, and we play an active role in connecting with the communities where we have a presence, by being a good and responsible neighbor that collaborates with society.


We contribute to the economic, social and environmental well-being by building community relations based on dialogue and collaboration, and that offer people and companies greater chances for success and permanence.


To turn our vision on this issue into a reality, we work on developing and supporting social programs that meet the needs of our operations and of the communities where we operate. Establishing methodologies for program measurement by monitoring their results, has allowed us to increase their positive impacts, creating social innovation.


One of our mechanisms for connecting with communities is our Risk Care and Community Relationship Model (MARRCO in Spanish), which began in 2015 and aims to channel the company’s actions to establish a more effective dialogue with our local communities and thus achieve greater impact. This tool has earned us the trust and collaboration of our stakeholders, as well as allowed us to identify risks and opportunities to create value and optimize our social actions and programs. Internally, through this methodology we support the development of skills in multidisciplinary teams in our work centers, such as our plants and distribution centers.

The methodology has five steps:


  • Identify and understand: the needs, resources and commitments the business has with the community, as well as the community’s way of being, needs and priorities.
  • Analyze and plan: the risks and opportunities for the design of community relations strategies, programs and actions.
  • Agree and act: listen and build alongside the community, in order to establish commitments and carry out programs and actions of common interest.
  • Evaluate and measure: the levels of impact and the progress of community management initiatives and actions.
  • Learn and improve: identify areas of opportunity, best practices and exchange of knowledge.

FEMSA’s Community Development programs are:

  • Food Bank Support
  • Eugenio Garza Sada Award
  • OXXO Ecology Award
  • OXXO Customer Rounding Program
  • Coca-Cola FEMSA Community Instructor Network
Desarrollo comunitario
Desarrollo comunitario

Healthy lifestyles

Promoting the welfare of all, at all ages, is important for the construction of thriving societies; having a culture of health contributes directly to the quality of life of the people.


Today, more and more consumers are determined to turn their consumption habits into healthy and responsible habits.


At FEMSA we help raise awareness about the importance of having good health and a healthy lifestyle. We are proud of our commitment to improve the health and well-being of our consumers, communities and collaborators.


We promote healthy lifestyles through the development of positive habits, by facilitating education, a balanced nutrition and promoting physical activation.


Our programs and activities promote physical exercise and positive attitudes, and we wish for these aspects to contribute to maximize people’s potential and to create a culture of health and self-care.


Our Business Units work alongside FEMSA Foundation through its social investment strategy, in projects focused on solving food problems and creating healthy environments with a strong educational component for children. The company also invests in research through FEMSA’s Biotechnology Center at Tecnológico de Monterrey to complement these objectives.

Estilo de vida saludable

When it comes to our own brand’s drinks and snacks, we offer different alternatives which adapt to the different lifestyles of our consumers.


Consumers who want to reduce their caloric intake can choose from a wide variety of low-calorie and calorie-free drinks. Our total beverage portfolio includes a wide range of low-sugar or sugar-free carbonated beverages; refreshing juices, nectars, and fruit-based drinks; purified, carbonated and flavored water; coffees, teas, and sports and energy drinks; dairy products and products based on vegetable protein.

Advertising and Responsible Communication

In FEMSA, as well as in all our Business Units, we follow the rules and regulations on labeling and information of the countries in which we operate. Our products offer our consumers all the necessary information so that they can make informed decisions.


As part of our commitment to the well-being of our consumers, our advertising strategies are in line with the Responsible Marketing Policy and the Global Guidelines for Beverages in The Coca-Cola Company Schools. For example, as part of the Responsible Marketing Policy, we strictly follow and comply with our policy of not presenting advertising to children under 12. We also encourage the industry to make responsible publicity by ensuring that there are no commercials in the classrooms. With this, we reaffirm our interest in the healthy habits of our consumers.

In order for our consumers to make informed decisions about our operations, the labels of our products present clear and accessible information on their nutritional content, including the amount of nutrients, fats, sugar and sodium in each of them. Coca-Cola FEMSA’s labeling strategy on nutrition is based on Dietary Intake Reference Values, as well as the applicable standards in each country. Due to our presence in 10 countries, we understand that each population is different, and that each has its own particular needs and habits.


Therefore, we are committed to complying with the legal framework of each country in which we operate, provided that such framework provides our consumers with information with scientific bases. In order to ensure that our consumers receive quality information, we are always willing to take part in regulatory changes, offering our experience as a system.